A French Egyptian Revival Art Deco beetle brooch

A European Egyptian - Revival Art Deco hardstone and tri-coloured gold beetle brooch, the brooch in the form of a winged scarab beetle, symbolising the rising sun, with oval carved hardstone body and three pairs of legs, the front and back legs clasping circular yellow gold plaques of differing sizes, the outspread wings of rose and white gold, all in 14 carat gold with brooch fitting, all measuring approximately 7.5x7.5cm, gross weight 53.5 grams, circa 1925. As an ancient Egyptian symbol for resurrection, the scarab beetle has always been associated with the generative forces of the rising sun, portrayed beautifully in this brooch by the development of the small circular motif at the base to a larger one to the centre of a pair of wings representing the sun’s powerful out-stretched rays.

No. 21961M