Jewellery Share

We are delighted to offer an innovative approach to owning Bentley & Skinner fine jewellery by sharing through our affiliated platform, Covett.

We have for some time offered the option to hire jewels from our shop for special occasions. We believe that people should be able to own, co-own and hire fine and high jewellery, and therefore we would like to offer you the option of co-owning a selection of our fine jewels through our collaboration with Covett.

Covett is transforming the way people acquire, own, protect, care for, and enjoy fine and high jewellery through their smart ownership model. The benefits of smart ownership are:

  1. Customers can enjoy their pieces every month for the rest of its life, for a fraction of the cost of owning the same piece outright; shares can be gifted to future generations.
  2. Customers can trade-up to higher priced jewels as the full investment isn’t required.
  3. Customers can own and access more of the exquisite jewels they love from Bentley & Skinner.
  4. The pieces are cared for and maintained by Covett and Bentley & Skinner, therefore these pieces will last for generations. Covett provides logistics and insurance so co-owners can rest assured their piece is fully secured and in pristine condition, every time they wear and enjoy it.

To see how co-ownership of Bentley & Skinner’s jewels works please visit the Covett website. All Bentley & Skinner pieces that are currently available for co-ownership are searchable on the Covett website. If a Bentley & Skinner piece is not available for co-ownership today, email Covett at and they will advise you as to future availability.

We are keen to learn how our customers view this service and how we can make it easily accessible to all customers who have interest. If you are visiting our shop, and find a piece you would love to co-own, please let us know, and we will work with Covett to endeavour to make it available for co-ownership. As always, we value you as a customer, so please email us at, if you have would like to ask a question or provide feedback.

Own Bentley & Skinner fine jewellery by sharing through our affiliated platform, Covett