A Pair Of Art Nouveau Yellow Gold And Enamel Cufflinks

A pair of Art Nouveau yellow gold and enamel cufflinks, each cufflink consisting a marquise-shaped plaque with the stylised head of a mythical creature in yellow gold and purple enamel, with a round brilliant-cut diamond set within the teeth, the diamonds estimated to weigh a total of 0.50 carats for the pair, connected with chain links to another marquise-shaped plaque with figure-of-eight design of yellow gold against a purple enamel background, circa 1895, gross weight 14.6 grams, illustrated in “Jewelry For Gentlemen” by James Sherwood, page 200.

An eye-catching and intriguing cufflinks pair of cufflinks Each golden cufflink features a wonderfully carved head of a creature with a lively diamond in its open mouth. The rich and bright gold contrasts wonderfully with the purple enamel background: gold and purple are a regal and alluring combination, and the addition of diamonds makes these cufflinks dramatic and stylish.

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