A Handmade Chain Necklace By AkeloA Handmade Chain Necklace By AkeloA Handmade Chain Necklace By Akelo

A Handmade Chain Necklace By Akelo

A handmade chain necklace by Akelo, the multiple loop-in-loop wire link chain 0.3cm wide, with an S-shaped clasp, all in yellow gold hallmarked 18ct London, made by Andrea Cagnetti the Roman master goldsmith known as Akelo, measuring approximately 44.5 long, gross weight 25.9 grams.

An exquisitely crafted gold chain necklace. This necklace was made by the master goldsmith from Rome Andrea Cagnetti, known as Akelo, who uses techniques and tools that have been practised in goldsmithing for thousands of years. Drawing inspiration from Etruscan, Greek, and Roman jewellery, Akelo’s designs are imbued with both antiquity and modernity. This necklace is made of a tightly woven loop-in-loop gold chain, which was crafted by Akelo. Akelo’s work can be seen in the museum collections of The Vatican, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, The Newark Museum, and others.

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