A Georgian Fedé And Gimmel RingA Georgian Fedé And Gimmel RingA Georgian Fedé And Gimmel Ring

A Georgian Fedé And Gimmel Ring

A Georgian fedé and gimmel ring, consisting of two outer flat and one middle ridged yellow gold hoops linked together, with the same shank split lengthwise so the hoops fit together unnoticeably as one, embellished with two interlocking hands, pulled apart to reveal a double heart, hands are decorated with two cut-down set rose-cut diamonds, one from each side, with one bezel-set rose-cut diamond as a ring on one hand, circa 1800, gross weight 3.7 grams. Finger size N 1/2. Unmarked tested as 18ct Gold and Silver. Georgian ring in excellent condition.

This special ring is a timeless symbol of everlasting love. Fedé rings, designed so two hands clasp in the centre, have been symbols of fidelity and love since the Ancient Roman period. Gimmal, or twin, refers to the three hoops of a ring that fit together, and were first made popular in the sixteenth century. This ring has the charming addition of diamonds flanking the hands and a further diamond adorning the finger of one of the hands. This piece would make an unusual and unique engagement ring.

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