An emerald and diamond three stone ring

An emerald and diamond three stone ring, the octagonal-cut emerald weighing 2.44 carats accompanied by GCS Report stating to be of Colombian origin, set between two modern Peruzzi-cut diamonds weighing 1.02 and 1.08 carats, all mounted in platinum openwork collets with heart-shaped decorations, to D-section shank, circa 1950, head measuring 0.8×1.8 cm, finger size M, gross weight 6.4 grams.

Peruzzi-cut diamond: The first brilliant cuts were introduced in the middle of the 17th century, known as Mazarins, they had 17 facets on the crown (upper half). In 1681 Vincent Peruzzi, a Venetian polisher, increased the number of crown facets from 17 to 33 (known as triple-cut or Peruzzi brilliants), significantly increasing the fire and brilliance of the cut gem. Because the practice of bruting had not yet been developed, these early brilliants were all rounded squares or rectangles in cross-section (rather than circular). The cushion-cut diamonds known to us today as Old Mine Cuts were introduced in the early 18th Century.

A stunning emerald and diamond ring. The main feature of this ring is an impressive and magnificent deep green emerald. The emerald is surrounded on either side by two modern Peruzzi-cut diamonds, a style of diamond cutting that was briefly popular in the late 17th century. The three stones are set to bright platinum. This piece would make a beautiful engagement ring.

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