Earrings are ear ornaments worn suspended from a piercing in the lobe of the ear. Earrings have been worn since ancient times and have been made in a variety of metals and shapes and styles. Ear piercing is one of the earliest forms of body modification: earrings can be seen in Ancient Greek frescos from 1650 BCE, and gold earrings have been found in ancient sites across the world. Earrings are even mentioned several times in the Bible, suggesting their prevalence in the ancient world. During the medieval period, earrings fell out of fashion, but since the Italian renaissance, earrings have been worn widely, most usually by women. However, in the sixteenth century, it became popular for men to wear earrings as well. Portraits from the time of William Shakespeare and Sir Francis Drake depict both these men wearing an earring in one ear: Shakespeare famously wore a small gold hoop, while Drake wore a large pearl. In the Georgian and Victorian era, earrings waxed and waned in popularity through the decades. In the early twentieth century, piercings fell out of fashion, but many women still wore earrings, either in clip-on styles or screw-back styles that allowed them to adorn their ears without the need for a piercing. In the 1970s, ear piercings surged in popularity amongst young women, a tradition which has continued today. Today, ear piercing is common, and earrings are worn by women from in many ways, from everyday outfits to formal events. Earrings are a wonderful way to accessorise and frame the face, which is why, perhaps, they have been so widely worn since the earliest times.

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