Tiaras first became popular in the late eighteenth century, when Europeans rediscovered the ancient world. Ancient tiaras and headpieces were discovered in Greece and Italy, and tiaras became popular accessories for members of the noble classes, especially for women on their wedding day. Tiaras became the crowning symbol of love and status. The tradition of tiaras is still strong today- Queen Elizabeth II never appears in public bareheaded: in the daytime, she wears a hat, and in the evening, a tiara. Today, tiaras can be worn to evening events and balls, or by a bride on her wedding day. There is no symbol of beauty and status quite like the tiara: it is a magical thing, crowning the wearer in sparkling magnificence.

Known as a leading supplier of antique & period and vintage tiaras and diadems in London, jewellers by Royal appointment, Bentley & Skinner have been selling diamond tiaras since 1880. Belle Époque, Victorian, Edwardian tiaras are available for purchase or hire at our jewellery shop at Piccadilly. Three of our period pieces sparkled on the big screen in the 2019 film Downton Abbey, set in 1927 at a time when tiaras were well-established adornments for members of the aristocracy.