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1. Create Your Own Signet Ring

Explore the steps to create a customised Bentley & Skinner signet ring. Once you have decided on the elements of your unique signet ring please contact us via telephone, email, or by visiting our shop in Piccadilly to discover the cost and order your ring.

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The Bentley & Skinner signet ring is made entirely for you from start to finish. There is a series of steps that we take with all customers when discussing the commission of a bespoke signet ring.  The first question to consider is whether you would like a solid gold or precious metal signet ring, or whether you would like your signet ring to be set with a stone.

Solid Gold, Precious Metal or Stone Set

Stone Set Or Solid Gold?

The classic Bentley and Skinner gold signet ring is wrought from solid gold and is reassuringly solid. Each ring is individually die-stamped and forged and then hand finished in our Mayfair premises. The handcrafted stone-set Bentley & Skinner signet ring features a stone of your choice deeply set into your signet ring. Should you choose a stone-set signet ring we can offer you the option of a traditional fully closed-back setting lending a luxurious weight to the ring, or a lighter weight open-back setting that is often seen today.

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Solid Gold

Solid Gold, Precious Metal or Stone Set

Choice Of Precious Metal?

After you have decided whether you would prefer a solid gold or a stone-set signet ring, the process of manufacture can begin. The choice of gold or precious metal for your signet ring is yours to make: we offer 9ct, 14ct, and 18ct yellow, white, and rose gold, as well as platinum and silver. Please note: Our stone-set signet rings are not available in silver.

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18ct Yellow Gold

9ct Yellow Gold

18ct Rose Gold

9ct Rose Gold

18ct White Gold

9ct White Gold



Head Shapes

Choice of Shape?

Bentley & Skinner offer three traditional shapes for the head of your signet ring: oval, round, and cushion. Whilst oval is the most conventional, cushion and round are both very popular choices.




Head Size

Choice of head size?

The next important decision is the head size of your ring. Our head sizes range from a delicate 10.5 x 8.5 mm size to a more statement-making 19.5 x 17 mm size. Click below for illustrations of the head sizes of solid Oval, Cushion and Round signet rings or of Stone-set Oval and Stone-set Cushion signet rings. Head size reflects both the size of the finger and personal taste.

Please feel free to  Contact Us for advice on a size to suit you.

Oval (9)
Cushion (5)
Round (3)
Stone-Set Oval (6)
Stone-Set Cushion (4)
Extra Small Oval.
10.5mm x 8.5mm
Very Small Oval.
11mm x 9mm
Small Oval.
11.5mm x 10mm
Full Small Oval.
11.5mm x 11mm
Medium Oval.
12.5mm x 11mm
Large Oval.
13.5mm x 11.5mm
Very Large Oval.
14.5mm x 12.5mm
Extra Large Oval.
16mm x 13mm
King Size Oval.
19.5mm x 17mm
Very Small Cushion.
9mm x 8mm
Small Cushion.
11.25mm x 9.5mm
Medium Cushion.
12mm x 10mm
Large Cushion.
14mm x 12.5mm
Very Large Cushion.
15mm x 15mm
Small Round.
9mm x 9mm
Medium Round.
11.5mm x 11.5mm
Large Round.
13.5mm x 13.5mm
Very Small Oval Stone Set.
11.5mm x 9.5mm
Small Oval Stone Set.
12.5mm x 10.5mm
Medium Oval Stone Set.
13.5mm x 11.5mm
Large Oval Stone Set.
14.5mm x 12.5mm
Very Large Oval Stone Set.
16mm x 14mm
Extra Large Oval Stone Set.
18.5mm x 12mm
Very Small Cushion Stone Set.
9mm x 8mm
Small Cushion Stone Set.
11mm x 9mm
Medium Cushion Stone Set.
12mm x 10mm
Large Cushion Stone Set.
15mm x 12mm


Choice Of Thickness?

Next, you have three options to consider for the thickness of your ring. The standard thickness of the Classic Bentley and Skinner signet ring is equivalent to that of the top range of other manufacturers. The Heavy Bentley & Skinner signet ring has a greater weight, whilst retaining the restrained elegance of the classic Bentley & Skinner model. The Bentley & Skinner ‘Double Plus’ is the ne plus ultra of signet rings: a synonym for traditional goldsmithing of the highest quality.

The Classic

The Heavy

The Double Plus

Shoulder Profile

Choice of Shoulder Profile?

Following the decision on your ring’s thickness, the next choice is that of the two different shoulder profiles that we offer. Whilst the traditional sloped shoulders of the classic Oxford Oval is often considered to be the most popular choice, some prefer the elegance of a signet ring with scalloped shoulders which is a style more closely associated with the eighteenth century.

Please feel free to Contact Us  for advice on a size to suit you.

Stone-Set Oval
Stone Set
Oval Classic Shoulders
Oval Scallop Shoulders
Cushion Classic Shoulders
Cushion Scallop Shoulders
Round Classic Shoulders
Round Scallop Shoulders
Stone Set Oval Classic Shoulders
Stone Set Oval Scallop Shoulders
Stone Set Classic Scallop
Stone Set Cushion Scallop

Finger Size

The Finger Size?

To wear with comfort, a signet ring should fit perfectly. If you do not know your finger size, please get in touch and we will send you an at-home finger measurer. Alternatively, you can come to our shop and a member of our staff will take the measurement of your finger.

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Choice of Engraving?

Last, but certainly not least, are the engraving options for your signet ring. In keeping with tradition, many choose to have their signet ring engraved with a family crest or coat of arms. Please contact us with your family name if you would like us to find your family’s crest and associated motto. We are also happy to facilitate research with the College of Arms to find or create a family crest for you. Please click here to read more about crests and coat of arms.

Some choose to have their signet ring engraved with a monogram, initials, a talisman, or another image of their choice. Many also choose to have an inscription in the shank (inside) of the ring, or behind the head, such as a family motto or a special date.

Traditionally, deep seal engraving, which allows your crest or engraved image of your choice to leave a proper impression in melted wax, is the preferred choice. We also offer the option of surface engraving, which has a more delicate appearance.

You may choose from either hand engraving or machine engraving: Please click here to help you with your decision.

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