Bentley & Skinner offer the hand and machine engraving of all sorts of valuable items, from Signet Rings, items of jewellery, silver photograph fames and tableware to christening gifts. We offer a full design service including inscription layouts, monograms, and crests. Our comprehensive library of family crests and associated mottos enables us to help you trace your own. We are also able to help you to determine your own coat of arms or to create one through the services of the College of Arms.

Deep seal engravings on your signet ring will be hand carved for you by the finest engravers in the country. Two final wax impressions of the engraving are always taken, one for you and one for our archives.

Hand Engraving

Whilst many ancient crafts are in danger of dying out, traditional hand engraving is valued more than ever today. Perhaps the oldest art known to mankind, the scratching or cutting of designs onto a plain surface has been with us since prehistoric times. Engraving is a highly personal way to mark and preserve the custodianship of a gift to be loved and cherished over the generations.

Specialist wooden handled tools called gravers consist of a square tempered steel section ground and polished at the tip to produce a simple “v” shaped line into the surface of the metal that is being engraved. The lines are finelly layered together to create lettering, heraldic crests and coats of arms.

Machine Engraving

Machine engraving is a fast, efficient method that can produce excellent results. The engraving is clean and uniform although many would say that it lacks the character and figuration of traditional hand engraving. In todays busy world though it is a quick and relatively inexpensive alternative to hand engraving.

Whichever type of engraving you choose you can be assured that Bentley & Skinner will take the utmost care and attention to the detail and finish of your valuable possession.

Signet Ring Engraving

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