Sell Your Jewellery

Bentley & Skinner purchase jewellery privately. We are known for offering the highest prices for antique and second-hand jewellery for immediate payment on the spot.

No appointment is needed and you can visit our shop at any time.

Our experienced professional valuers and fully trained gemmologists at our shop in Piccadilly have been qualified by the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (GEM-A) and the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA).
We have had over a hundred and forty years of experience of selling and purchasing and are happy to examine your jewellery with no obligation on your part to sell.

Having a workshop on our premises enables us to restore the jewellery that we purchase, allowing us to realise its highest value for you. As well as purchasing jewellery and silver to add to our stock and fulfil the many requirements of our private clientele we also have a huge network of international dealers enabling us to offer you top prices.

As one of the country’s biggest buyers of privately owned jewellery we usually find that people wishing to sell their jewellery return to us to accept our offers. This is because our offers are almost always higher than those of other people.

For frequently asked questions and our advice to you regarding the selling of your jewellery please click here.

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