Bespoke Jewellery

Bentley & Skinner’s bespoke service offers you the possibility of creating your own jewellery to celebrate the most memorable occasions in your life. We have a team of highly qualified specialists and traditionally trained goldsmiths who can help you design your own unique engagement ring or fashion a personalised gift for your loved one.

Our experienced goldsmiths have been thoroughly trained in the old traditions of their craft and use a combination of old-established techniques with handheld tools and gas-burning torches for annealing and soldering, together with the most up-to-date technology such as laser equipment for micro-welding. It is common knowledge that however fine the mount, it is the setting that makes the jewel, and it is here that the skills and lifetime experience of our setters excel. Click here for more information about the manufacture of our jewellery.

Our knowledgeable and friendly in-house experts will guide you through each step of the processes involved in the creation of an original customised handmade jewel. From supplying a selection of loose stones for you to choose from, to designing the mount, a unique piece of jewellery can be created at a cost no higher, and sometimes considerably less, than you would expect to pay for a comparable ready-made piece elsewhere.

We would suggest one or more meetings in our shop in London’s Piccadilly to devise a completely new design concept, or to discuss the remodelling of your own or inherited jewellery, including drawings and gemstone selection, through to manufacture and completion. Our past commissions have ranged from the simplest pair of pearl earrings through to Damien Hirst’s diamond skull, ‘For the Love of God’.

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